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Just A Gal and Her Skates

Let's roll through the highs and lows of skating, together. 

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Hi, I’m Danielle 

Roller skate blogger sharing tips, rants, and just overall experience of the life on wheels.

I found roller skating 16 months ago and it honestly hurts my heart a little bit that I didn't find it sooner. In a way when I put on my skates it just feels like home. It feels right, like skating is what I'm meant to be doing. I've never felt more myself than when I'm skating. 


And as cheesy as it is roller skating has completely changed my life. I already feel like I've learnt so much and I've only just started. And at this point, I really need to somewhere to get out all my frustrations, thoughts, and feelings that stem from skating. And there's a lot. 


So this is how this random little blog was born. I think it's more for myself than anyone else, but if you enjoy roller skating I hope you take a moment to join me and celebrate this amazing, frustrating, thrilling life style that we've found.

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