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A Guide: What to Buy When You First Start Roller Skating

Getting started in roller skating can be extremely overwhelming. When I made the decision to start skating, I honestly didn't take much time researching what I wanted to purchase when I bought my skates. I feel very fortunate that my first pair of roller skates were Riedell Wave Skates . They were $100, which now looking back at it is a pretty fair cost for the use I got out of them. They lasted 6 months and were very reliable skates.

So.... What skates should you buy?

There are a lot of factors to deciding what types of skates are right for you. If you eventually want to go into roller derby, you may want to get some low ankle roller skates. Otherwise, some Moxi Beach Bunnies, or Riedell Wave Skates are some great options for beginners. I know they may not be as cheap as other skates, but when you start roller skating you should be prepared to spend some money. However, if you really have a feeling that you might become a roller skating addict, and you can afford to spend some extra money, you may want to wait for some more expensive skates. Moxi Lolly's have a very good reputation for being reliable skates, and Moonlight Roller Skates has very beautiful skates but it is unknown how long they will hold up for since they still a very young company. You don't have to go with the most popular brand though, just make sure you're researching whatever you purchase.

Although I haven't had impalas, I've heard from plenty of other skaters say that they were not really reliable at all and fell apart as soon as 2 months. I think impalas are good for maybe the very occasional skater if you want a cool look, but do not expect them to last if you are skating everyday. Again, this is just from what I've heard and some people may have just gotten a "bad batch". Chicago Skates is also known to not be a very reliable skate.

Wait... but everything is sold out

After looking into buying skates you'll probably very quickly notice that just about every pair of skates is on backorder or is just sold out. Yup, welcome to the roller skate hell. Due to COVID-19 delaying manufacturing and the huge influx of skaters, purchasing roller skates right now isn't the easiest task. My advice is to be patient, and follow as many roller skate shops as you can. I've had great experiences with Medusa USA, they're a very responsive skate shop that will put candy and stickers with your purchase! Also, follow your own local skate shops and try to purchase from them frequently. You really should focus on supporting your own community!

Be patient with buying skates, and don't rush to buy cheap skates just because they're available at the time. Sign up for email updates and follow skate shops on instagram.

Yay! I ordered my skates. Now What?

Okay, you probably just dropped a good amount of money on some roller skates and you're impatiently waiting for them. I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but you're going to have to make a few more purchases.

What To purchase

  • Safety Gear

I purchased my pads and helmet from Amazon. You can also buy those at skate shops of course. Make sure you check the reviews and measure your body parts so

you get the correct size for you!I'll later release a more in depth look at safety gear

and how long you should be wearing it - but definitely wear it until you feel very comfortable on your wheels.

  • Toe Guards

Toe guards will protect the front of your boot from scuffing when you skate outdoors. You can purchase these at most skate shops, but you can also buy these on etsy, which may be a little more personalized.

  • Skate Tool

Skate tools are a very cheap purchase that you can get from amazon that are a

must for all skaters. You WILL need a skate tool for your roller skates.

  • Outdoor wheels

these may not be necessary if your skates already come with outdoor wheels or if you're not planning on skating outdoors. Moxi Fundae wheels, radar energy wheels, and suregrip boardwalk wheels are great for the outdoors. Again, research the different types of outdoor wheels but in general know that the softer they are (78a) the better they will absorb cracks and rocks.

  • Bearings Lubricant and stuff to clean your bearings

You probably won't be using this anytime soon, but be prepared to clean your bearings. This is a long and tedious process, and you will need some form of alcohol for when you clean them, and also lubricant or "speed cream" before you start using them again. You can also purchase new bearings and just completely avoid the bearing cleaning process, but I like to think it bonds you more with you skates when you clean them.

  • Accessories

no, this isn't a must buy thing. But don't be afraid to add a little touch of you to your skates. Etsy has so many cute shops which include lace accesories, stickers for your helmet and skates, or even cute skate straps! One of my favorites shops is EscapingTheOrdinary. Or you could make your own skate decor!

Yay! You have everything you need

So, now you're all set to use your skates! I hope this post helped guide you a little bit on things you should be getting when purchasing your roller skates. Remember that this stuff is an investment, and although it might get expensive you should to invest in protective gear and a sturdy pair of skates. Otherwise, you may end up seriously hurting yourself.

I'll be writing a post on what to do once you get your new pair of roller skates. Please keep in mind that I'm a relatively new skater myself, and there's plenty of other resources online to help advice you a little bit more on any specifics I've mentioned or anything I've missed!

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