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It's Crazy That One Decision Can Change Your Life

Updated: Nov 15, 2020

It's been six months since I starte and I truly cannot believe how lucky I am to have found this hobby. Skating has been something for me to look forward to everyday, it's kept me sane throughout this crazy year that we're all going through. To be frank, I feel like it's just given me a purpose when everything else in my world seems quite dull. It's introduced me to an amazing community, and it's shown me value in myself that I hadn't seen before.

How It Started

The decision to start roller skating seems like such an obvious one looking back at it. I'd been watching Rosemary Retro skate for a few months and I admired how graceful she looked when she skated. Purchasing roller skates had always been in the back of my mind, but what gave me the push was my boyfriend mentioning in pastime how cool roller skating looked. I hate to admit it, but I'm a sucker for impressing my boyfriend. So, in typical me fashion, I went on amazon and ordered the first well reviewed skates I saw. This was right as the "skating boom" started taking off, so I was very lucky to order a pair when I did.

And the rest is history.... well history in making I guess. Much like everything in life, there's been ups and downs. Some are physical problems, like the weather or my skates falling apart. But the most challenging problems I've faced are mental. There's a lot of frustrations that come from starting any hobby, and it wouldn't be human of me to never compare myself to others. It's constantly reminding myself that I am good enough, even if other's progress faster than me. This is my own journey, and my progression is all I care about.

I Want To Share My Journey With You

Roller skating has become something that I cannot stop thinking about. Unfortunately, nobody in my life has an interest in it and COVID-19 has prevented me from going to meet ups or skate rinks. There is so much to love about skating, and so many frustrations that come with it. If you're reading this, I'm going to assume that you love skating as much as I do. So I want to share my journey with you. I want so share what I've learnt, what I regret, what I wish I knew sooner.

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